5 Best Ways To Make Money From BGMI [BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA] in 2022

How to earn money From BGMI: Hi Friends, Do You Want to Earn Money From BGMI?, If you want to know how to earn money from BGMI then today we are going to do this. In The Article We Will Share You 6 Best Ways different ways to make money From BGMI.

Before go Ahead, We Will tell you earn money in any field you should have dedication, consistency, and hard work towards the work. Same also work here if you want to earn money From BGMI then you have to give time. To Earn money from BGMI by using third party Platforms which are mentioned below.

1. Make a Youtube Channel

Why Youtube? Youtube is the 2nd Biggest Platfrom in the World After Google, Streaming on YouTube channel is one of the best way to Earn money, But to earn money via streaming requires lots of patience, consistency, and gaming skills. There are lots of platforms available on the internet to stream your games and monetize. But Youtube is the Biggest Platform, Your Youtube Earning Depends on Views and Watch Time, Many Gamers have youtube Channel as a Carrear.

Friends, if you want to create a YouTube channel, We a Given You few Steps Below To Create Youtube channel Yourself, you can make your own channel by Following the Below Steps:

Step -1 : To Create Youtube Channel You Need to First Create Gmail Account Gmail.com

Step -2 : After That, Visit Youtube.com ,Make Sure You Login Yotube With Gmail Account.

Step -3 : Then Open Youtube, Click On Right Side Profile Icon.

Step -4 : The Are Many Option Appear in Front Of You, If You Are Using Mobile app ,Click On Your Channel Or Create A Channel.

Step -5 : Upload Profile Picture and Change Name If You Want to, Then Click on Create Channel.

Step -6 : Add Links Or Connect To Your Social Sites, If You Have.

Step -7 : Your Channel Is Ready To Upload Content.

To Start Earn Money Fromm Youtube, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of play hour.

Friends, In This Article I Will Told You How Earn Money From Youtube Channel By Playing BGMI Or Other Games. If You Have Any Doubt And do not Understand Anything ,Then Comment Below.

2. Sell Your BGMI Account

Yes, You Can Make Money by Selling Your Your BGMI Account, but your account should be worth it, If you have good skin and mythic clothes collection in your BGMI account, have unlocked many items and your Rank be high then you can earn money by Selling your BGMI Account. BGMI account have a Huge Demand due to this reasons which you can easily sell the account. By using this method, BGMI users can earn a lot by Selling High Worth BGMI Account.

Two Famous Platforms on The Internet, There You Can Easily Sell Your BGMI Account G2G and PlayerAuctions are the websites where you can bid for your account and if any player liked it then They can buy your account.

Steps to Sell your BGMI account:

  • First of all, You Need to check your account is it really worth it, If Your Account Has Good Skin and Mythic Clothes and have a high Rank, Then go for it.
  • You can List Your BGMI account on Any Site, as We Mentions 2 Best Sites, List it on PlayerAuctions or  G2G and keep the price considering the market.
  • Selling BGMI Account You Need to Make A Proof For a Buyer to Create trust, just make a video of opening your BGMI account by filling in your username and password, Login Your BGMI Account Showing any screen recorder so that you should share it with the buyer and you will also have proof that this is my username and this is my password.

3. Start your Blog

The third and The Most Famous Method to Earn Money From BGMI Is to Start a Niche Blog on BGMI, Many BGMI Niche Websites On the Internet, They Posted The Content related to BGMI and Much and Earn Lot of Money. there is no limit Earning in Money, You can Also do affiliate along with adsense Boost Your Income.

Steps to Start a blog:

  • First,You Need to buy a Hosting and a Good Domain to start a Blog 
  • Then set up your blog on WordPress and start uploading Content
  • Then you can monetize it by Google adsense, affiliate marketing and many Different ways.

4. Arrange & Participate in Online Tournaments

If You Dont want Youtube or blog Method then this is the 4th method to Earn Money By Play Online Tournaments, there are many such Platforms in which many tournaments keep running, by participating in which you can earn good earning. For example, PLAYER ZONE , which is a very popular online tournament app, in which if you come in a good rank by participating in the tournament, then you earn according to the rank, if you come on top, then you can earn a lot from it.

There are many websites and apps that organize an online tournament.

  • PlayerZone
  • Gamerz Area
  • Gaming monk

Here we Give You Few Simple Steps to Participate in Online Tournaments:

  1. Download any listed app mentioned here
  2. After this, you have to register with by entering your name. Gmil id ,Mobile No., User id, and Password.
  3. After logging in, you will get to see a lot of BGMI tournaments in it as well as information about Entry Fees and Time.
  4. Now you can participate in any BGMI Tournament in which you want to participate with the entry fee and play it.
  5. You can also earn by referring this app Friends,When they successfully install you will get referral amount.

5. Become an Esports Player

As we all know, Esports Industry is growing rapidly in India. If you have good skills you can become an eSports Player for Popular BGMI Clans. If you are interested in Becoming an Esports Player. The member who will haves the highest rank become the leader of that clan and if you become the leader of the team then the rest of the member would like to learn something from you and you can tell all these member about your YouTube channel so that your Views will increase and Earning will also increase.


Friends, I told you above above 5 Best Ways To Make Money From BGMI, If you understood all this and you liked this post, then share it with your friends so that they also earn some money while playing.

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