Best 6 Parallettes In India 2022

Hi Guys, If you are looking for Best Parallettes bars for Home workout then, here that will give you a Best Parallettes bars for at Home Or GYM. These are two bars that run close to each Other. The another names of Parallettes Bar is gymnastic bars, push-up bars, gymnastic bars, or parallettes bars.

This Parallettes Bars is Helpful For Gymnastic strength training and bodyweight training, methods of increasing strength and muscle growth. They’re simple pieces of equipment that is Very Helpful for muscle growth, used for a variety of home workouts.

Furthermore, they are simple to move and offer the greatest flexibility for the complete Calisthenics workout. Every enthusiast of Calisthenics should indeed have one. However, there are quite some available. Which one is the best for you?

However, if you look at the Fitness markets there are so many Co. with Different Types of Bars are available. When you are going to buy you Need a lot of research. Pick up the best one is more difficult.  But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of the best Parallettes Bars on the market!

1.Body Mechanics Calisthenics Wooden Parallettes

Body Mechanics Calisthenics Wooden Parallettes are ideal for home and outdoor use. This are Very lightweight and easy to carry, when You Want To Go Travel ,You Can Easily carry for an outdoor workout. This product is pine wood made and it Comes With excellent grip.

Ideal for Basic exercises, Calisthenics and Gymnastics ,Pushups, Dipping , Layout ,V-Tuck ,V-Tuck to pushup, Yoga training and lots more.

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2. Allyson Fitness Steel Folding Parallettes

Allyson Fitness Folding Parallettes Comes In Solid steel construction with high density, non slip commercial grade grips. The best fitness equipment at home for Workouts. ALLYSON FITNESS is a personal trainer specialises in women’s fitness. Parallel bars equalizers is a physical fitness equipment that may be used to do a variety of exercises to improve fitness, stability, strength and other activities. It is suitable for both men and women. These are Super strong and Foldable Parallettes and easy to carry when you travel or go for an outdoor workout.

Easy to Store ,Parallettes are Very Portable, Fold It and easy to store, Perfect for push ups, performing dips ,L-sits, stretches and many more body weight strength training exercises.

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3. Calisindia Parallettes Bars

Calisindia wooden bars are longer than Other bars ,It will hold your position for a long time then any other bars. The most important thing in a calisthenics equipment is grip, One of the essential features of you can perform 2-3 reps more on these bars. this is lightweight wooden bars is something every calisthenics athelete look for and we serve best quality.

Easy to carry anywhere because of its super light-weight, Perfect for learning calisthenics skills such as Handstand, also great for pushups, pike pushups etc.

If you are a beginner, these parallettes will be just fine. If you’re an advanced athlete, looking to train for complex movements like handstand, this pair not for you. They do not have a rubber padding at the bottom to increase friction, which makes them slippery a lot of surfaces. While exercising, your sweat will seap into the wood, making the bars oily and slippery, making difficult to grip.

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4. DHRUVIKA Wooden Heavy Duty Parallettes

DHRUVIKA Wooden Parallettes is Perfect for working out at home or Outdoor Workout. When you travel or go for an outdoor workout, they are super robust and easy to carry. It Comes In natural wood and provides good grip. With wooden parallettes.

 They are Super strong and easy to carry when you travel. You can do a lot of basic as well as advanced exercises with wooden parallettes Easy to carry Made of Wood- Strong and Durable Ideal for Basic exercises, Gymnastics, Calisthenics and Yoga 1) Pushups 2) Handstand Pushups 3) L Sit 4) Parallette Wall Handstand 6) Planche 7) V-Tuck to pushup 8) Yoga training and lots more.

Strong and able to support all the weight of an athlete. The size of the wood is ideal for gripping with a firm grip.

It seems to be safe. It is possible to require gloves to cushion the impact, but it’s best to have them in all cases. this product is made of rubber and welded seams instead of bolts. It comes With Perfect Height And Diameter, There’s a lot of room between your fingers to the floor. Don’t fret about stepping on the floor during your workout.

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5. IBS Heavy Duty Folding Parallettes

IBS offers a mid-range parallettes bar that may be used as a push up bar, dip bar, parallel bar, and other exercise. Solid steel construction with high density, non slip commercial grade grips, Perfect for performing dips, push ups and many more body weight strength training exercise.

It’s perfect for a small household because it uniformly distributes your weight and keeps your wrists from becoming overworked.


  • Weight support: 127 kgs
  • its come in Powder coated black color.
  • 1 inch thick handles with good grip.
  • long-lasting.
  • It’s Not to Expensive.

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6. Navya Fitness Wooden Parallettes

Navya Fitness Wooden Parallettes is for home and outdoor workout. Easy to carry when you travel or go for an outdoor workout. Most Essential feature of our product is the grip. This Come With natural wood made and it offers an excellent grip. You can do a lot of basic as well as advanced exercises with wooden parallettes. Easy to carry for Calisthenics, Gymnastics and Yoga 1) Dips 2) Planche 4) L Sit 5) Pushups Wall Handstand 6) V-Tuck 8) V-Tuck to pushup 9) Yoga training and lots more.

Its Come With Excellent Design Quality, solid and well-constructed parallettes ,Very Comfortable and Perfect for Body Weight Exercise.

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