Best Air Coolers for Humid Climate

If Are you living in a humid climate area and searching lot on Google for suitable air coolers which fit in your climate? Then you are now at the right article which helps you to find out Best Air Cooler For Humid Climate.

In 2022 it’s tough to living without an air cooler in some places. In India, there are many places which are getting as hot as 45°c and there are some areas which are not as hot, but there are more humid. Its Very Difficult to Sustain in that area, There are many satisfied customers which will tell you that some air conditioner they have seen, hasn’t worked for them is just most of the cases in the climate . It’s Very hard to get the best Air Cooler, Don’t Worry We Will Hard Work For You and give You a Best air Cooler for Humid Climate .Here Is the List of top 6 best cooler for you .

In this article, We listed some of the best air coolers for India based on product quality and performance and price segment, To Suggest You Best Air Coolers at Affordable Price, Below Top 6 Best Air Coolers for Humid Climate.

1. Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler First In Our List, Why? Because It’s Crompton, Yeah, It’s Best. its has 8000 customer Reviews on Amazon .If you really need a cooler which gives you excellent cooling with all best features and under your budget, then Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler is best For You. The desert air cooler has a large water tank Comes in 55L capacity to 88L which allows you to experience cool air for a long time while the auto fill allows continuous water supply. The air cooler is Designed with a motor overload protector that ensures durability & longer motor life while preventing it from overheating.

With a powerful air delivery of 4200 m3/hour, the Ozone 55 air cooler is suitable for up to 490 Sq. Ft. room size which helps to keep the room refreshing for long time .It’s Comes in 4 way air deflection, adjust the direction of air according to your need which not only keeps the room cool but also gives you a feeling of relaxation.

Build & Design

If you talk about its build quality it is completely made with high-quality plastic materials and comes in two colors White and Maroon which looks very good in both colors, I personally like the white which is suitable for everyone and it doesn’t affect your room interior.


Crompton Ozone Desert air cooler comes with a large tank 55L to 88L Capacity, You can enjoy a cooling Experience all day without any worry about water shortage.


The cooling technology is far better than others, Ice chamber lets you add good amount of ice that keeps the room chilled for a long time while its easy maintenance keeps the air fresh.

Can I Put Ice You?

Yes, you can add ice cubes in the cooler for a better experience.

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2. Bajaj PX 97 Torque

Bajaj PX 97 Torque is 2nd In Our List, Why Bajaj? Bajaj Is Well Reputed and old Company, it has 17000 Customer Reviews On Amazon, Personal Air Cooler with Honeycomb Pads, Turbo Fan Technology, Powerful Air Throw and 3-Speed Control, White

Bajaj PX 97 Torque is the Best air cooler powered by Bajaj, a well-known Indian brand. This has come with a 36-liter water tank capacity. It comes with Turbo Fan technology with 30-feet Air throw, And all the body is made with plastic so that this is a very lightweight air cooler. It Comes With Anti-bacterial Honeycomb pads comes. The honeycomb easily removable and cleanable.

It Comes With HEXACOOL Technology ,delivering maximum cooling with minimum water consumption,3 speed fan control to air flow according to the requirement. It has also Comes With 4-way deflection louvers with vertical auto-swing to provide wide air spread.

While you use the cooling mode it is necessary that you must have minimum water to operate the pump otherwise the pump may be damaged.

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3. Symphony Diet 12T

Symphony Diet 12T is 3rd In Our List, It Has 8000 Customer Reviews on Amazon, This high-performance air cooler is suitable for rooms 12 sq meter of the area under ideal conditions, When it comes to water capacity, it has a 12-liter tank and a water level rings to let you know when to refill it, If U Need a Small Air Cooler then, This Is best for You and is also Available At Affordable Price.

Its Comes With energy-saving for room uses only 170 watts and can also be operated on inverters. So unwind for summer without worrying about bills.

Unique Technology for Clean Air, It Come with i-Pure technology, which uses multistage air pollution filters to eliminate dust particles, allergens and other contaminants, resulting in a healthy and comfortable interior environment and Engineered with a powerful blower, this cooler is perfect for apartments for small space and its good for study rooms.

IT Comes With Honeycomb cooling pad has water retention section similar to beehives, which increases the water capacity and quickly cools hot air, and the multi-directional castor wheel make it simple, so you won’t have to lug cooler with water around on a hot summer afternoon, The energy-efficient pump of this cooler is engineered with dura pump technology to provide a uniform water flow and a long-lasting service ,To provide an well Organized and customized cooling experience, It Also Comes With System Restore Function automatically adjust to the previous settings that you have used.

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4. Havells Altima Desert Air Cooler

Havells Altima Desert Air Cooler ,It an amazing air delivery of Comes With large tank capacity, Havells desert coolers make an perfect for large spaces. These desert coolers utilize, healthier and most importantly, breathable air to the users. Thermal overload protection technology which prevent fan motor from overheating, thus providing long life to both fan motor from any damages. Experience dust-free cools air with almost no noise in the company of Havells Desert Coolers.

It Comes With Unique Features remote Control, ice Chamber, front castors with Brakers, auto drain, temperature display, inverter compatibility and Offer a Complete Package Of Safety.

This has come with button as well as a remote controller. Where in the button section has a water level indicator and available in Many Advance Features.

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5. Symphony Diet 35T

This high-performance air cooler is suitable for rooms up to 15 square meters of the area under Perfect Conditions ,With multistage filter it combats air pollution to give you fresh air. For effective cooling keep doors Open. This cooler has a 35-liter tank and a water level indicator to let you know when to refill it. The high-speed blower provides cool air instantly, so now enjoy your summers comfortably.

Diet 35T is a compact, and powerful cooler that can be easily operated in low and tight spaces. Enjoy the pleasure of cool air on summer afternoons with Symphony Diet 35 T Air Cooler. The compact design makes it perfect for effective personal cooling while occupying very little space.

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6. Crompton Optimus 

Crompton Optimus Air Cooler also in our List, that is also a best product from Crompton. After reviewing lot of air coolers, This with this model of Crompton, its looks, features and designed in this way everything present in the exact place where it’s to be.

The Crompton Optimus comes with three variants 100- liter, 65- liter, and 65i- smart all models are the same design but a little bit different in capacity and technology. The white designs really look very look classy, If you previously used a Crompton product you know the value and features provided by the Crompton always in its product. Motorized and auto-swing louvres for 4-way air deflection; Honeycomb cooling pad for improved water retention

This air cooler is easy to handle and it comes with much more features one of the best features is Humid control, and also has an ice chamber, Auto drain water, Water level indicator on the front side, Autofill, Multi-stage air filter, and soon.

If We Come With Features It has, This air cooler comes with 65L tank capacity which allows you to experience cool air for a long time, Large ice chamber lets you add good amount of ice that keeps the room chilled for a long time while its easy maintenance keeps the air fresh, The auto drain function helps to drain out the water, Adjust the cooling level according to your comfort while keeping the humidity in control.

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Buying Guide for Air Coolers for Humid Climate

Well, There is no point to arguing on the right air cooler for humid climate can get boring at times. This is why, we have properly selected our buying guide offering to you for right assistance.

Power Consumption

Power Consumption is the first thing you need to be looking after besides their capacity.

Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity is a thing that Differ from product to product, and depends on requirement of people available in the room. It is up to you and your family and everything that comes within. So if you are having a family of 4 or 5, it is very much likely to get a gator 30 to 50-liter air cooler it will be sufficient for you.


For durability, the company which you’ve to trust, the warranty of Product, Hardware Quality then comes to internal Parts of the Product.


It is very important to look for online review, as well as ask around before to buying one. This way you can have a understanding of what are the advantages of the cooler.


Every Air Cooler ,Has its Own Throwing Range, So it is essential to know that. Some of them have a bigger range, and some of them may have a lower range, so depending on your need, you have to choose for that.

Final Takeaway:

Finally here are the top 6 best air coolers for humid climate, if you decide to buy before you should check the reviews and the product description.

In the market, there are lots of air coolers available for humid climates, it’s your choice to decide which air cooler you require, according to your requirements.

In my opinion, Crompton and bajaj is best for humid climate. 

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